Monday, June 11, 2018

Fishing video of the day fishing with Luiza

Luiza Catching MONSTER HOGFISH, Snapper and grouper

Join Fishing with Luiza as she reels in a variety of fish on a beautiful sunny day!

Fishing with Luiza Luiza is from Brazil but now makes florida her fishing grounds according to her website "Luiza has made the cover of numerous fishing magazines including GAFF magazine, Onshore Offshore, Coastal Angler & Big Game Fishing Journal. She has also written & has been featured in various fishing magazine articles over the past couple years" wether she is reeling in a big game fish or posing wih her fish She alway's looks great while fish does it. Luiza has over 20,000 followers on FB and over 65,000 followers on IG . read more 

PV Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta  Mexico 

Tropic Star, PiƱas Bay Panama 

Marlin Magic, Hawaii 

Striped Marlin in Mexico